theWit — Blending Style, Comfort, and Conscience

theWit- a DoubleTree by Hilton exercises intelligence in its use of our environment. Building materials were sourced responsibly and recycling practices were employed during construction. In the finished hotel, water use is reduced and waste recycling is practiced. HVAC units are designed for optimizing and sharing energy use throughout the building, minimizing waste. Eco-friendly soaps and personal care products await the guests in their baths.


One of our most innovative features is the lighting, designed by one of Chicago’s premier lighting design firms. They’ve built a range of lighting environments throughout the hotel to complement our cutting-edge architecture and vision. The lighting systems are one of a kind -- reflecting dynamic and creative design elements while taking into account energy efficiency and fiscal responsibility for both development and long-term maintenance costs.

What makes the lighting design so valuable is the use of multiple technologies and techniques. In fact, estimates determine theWit to be 30% more energy efficient than other hotels of its size. Energy usage is reduced by at least 1,237,000 kilowatts per year -- a savings of approximately $98,900 in electricity costs.

Other eco-friendly features at theWit - A DoubleTree By Hilton include:

  • Lobby -- Automates the use of multiple lighting fixtures through a daylight sensor and astronomical time clock, setting the mood between day and night and allowing the efficient use of electricity.
  • Efficient toilets -- Our toilets are designed with a dual-option water tank. The button on the left releases 16 oz of water, while the larger button on the right releases 32 oz.
  • Resourceful Temperature Regulations – Guestrooms feature wireless technology energy management that allows for a 30% energy savings without sacrificing guest comfort.
  • Water Source Heat Pumps – Water Source Heat Pumps are one of the most efficient, environmentally friendly ways to heat and cool buildings because of their ability to move energy from where it is not needed, to where it is needed. 

Capture the energy and vitality of downtown Chicago from the city’s newest boutique hotel, theWit - A DoubleTree By Hilton. Striking design, unparalleled comfort, and remarkable services create urban living at its best. Book your reservations online today for preferred rates.