A Premiere Chicago Special Event Location

A private, multimedia theater with sumptuous seating

Create your own red carpet event, product launch, sports viewing party, HD Broadcast or presentation at SCREEN, a high-definition, multimedia theater with the most sophisticated projection and audio technology available as well as SKYPE and teleconferencing capabilities across a 24-foot wide screen.
SCREEN features 40 plush recliners with cocktail tables on seven levels, ambient lightning, décor and custom menus for a truly immersive experience.

Must See TV Viewing Parties @ SCREEN

MAD MEN, TOP CHEF, PROJECT RUNWAY, AMERICAN IDOL, TRUE BLOOD, THE BACHELOR and ENTOURAGE are all good reasons to gather friends and colleagues for a viewing party. Have fun theming food and beverage to the event, i.e. Manhattan, Old-Fashioned and Tom Collins cocktails for MAD MEN, “Make It Work Margaritas” and “Heidi tinis” for PROJECT RUNWAY and ask guests to dress the part. Invite some advertising guru or fashionista to do the color commentary during commercial breaks.


Red Carpet Nights @SCREEN its a major Awards show!

The Primetime Emmys®, Golden Globes, Academy Awards®, Grammys®, ESPYs, all call for a festive gathering and viewing party. Champagne and small bites can be on the menu, or a full bar and plated 3 course menu can be served at your seats throughout the broadcast. Invite a special host to provide “behind the scenes” scoop a la Perez Hilton and have your guests glam it up with their best clothes.


Its My Favorite Movie Night @ SCREEN

THE GODFATHER, THIS IS SPINAL TAP, STAR WARS, GONE WITH THE WIND your favorite movie, whether a classic or new release, looks amazing projected through SCREENs Hollywood-caliber technology system. For a birthday, anniversary or just a special afternoon or night out, bring your own Blu-ray or DVD, or select from one of ours, to host your own private movie night @ SCREEN. We'll make the popcorn, bring the candy and soda, or serve you heartier fare and adult beverages, whatever your desire.


Are You Ready For Some Sports in SCREEN?

Whether the Blackhawks, Bulls, March Madness or World Cup Soccer is your sports passion, SCREEN is the ultimate skybox for watching the game in brilliant high definition and surround sound. Collect 40 fellow fans to enjoy the luxury of sports viewing in SCREEN and design your bar package and menu. You'll be spoiled for watching your favorite team anywhere else but SCREEN.


SCREEN Adds Glamour To Chicago Private Events

Blending the amenities of a resort with the flair of a boutique hotel, theWit has brought a new energy and vitality to the downtown Chicago Loop. Striking design, unparalleled comfort and remarkable services create urban living at its best. To book your downtown Chicago special event, contact our Catering Experience Specialists at