Something to talk about

"During my recent visit, the hotel — the first in a new chain from Doubletree (itself a division of Hilton) — managed to be all things to all people; business travelers, vacationing families and trend-seeking 20-somethings all seemed to love the place."

Fred Bernstein, New York Times

"The night I arrived to the brand new but already renowned hotel The Wit, I had allowed the city stress of Chicago, plus my insane decision to drive there, to get on my nerves. Much to my relief, I was welcomed by a swath of lively valets and escorted into the bustling…“Wait, this is a hotel lobby?” I thought, as we entered a jam-packed city hot spot. The guests seemed they were enjoying a night out on the town rather than staying at a swanky hotel.

This hotel, in its dynamic downtown location, actually is a new part of Chicago’s nightlife.  A jam packed restaurant peeked out from one of the corners and I was given VIP passes to avoid lengthy lines at the hotel’s most popular rooftop bar. However, the best part of all was the room prices, which were surprisingly low for the windy city’s typically sky-high hotel rates."

Sara Hoffman, Road & Travel Magazine