This stunning and spacious lounge on the 27th floor provides sweeping views of Chicago for a breathtaking backdrop during the day or night.  ROOF has a 3D Digital Wall for sophisticated, personalized media including video mapping and interactive image projection as well as a retractable enclosure to enjoy the view in any kind of weather.  The entire rooftop or one of the distinct areas—the patio, loft, living room and hangover—can be booked for semi-private or private events for 25 to 265 guests.



State and Lake Chicago Tavern

Warm, rich tones with comfortable seating and flat-screen televisions that rise from behind the booths on hydraulic lifts make State and Lake Chicago Tavern an ideal spot for group sports gatherings, holiday parties, receptions and special events.  This authentic Chicago tavern features 16 craft beers on tap, primarily sourced from the Midwest, intricate hand-crafted cocktails and stellar bistro fare from our award-winning chefs. State and Lake Chicago Tavern can be booked for semi-private or private events for 20-200 guests.




SCREEN is a private, multimedia theater with a wall-to-wall screen, recliner seating for up to 45 guests and world-class cuisine.  SCREEN is the ultimate skybox for watching favorite sporting events, live HD broadcasts, film premieres or a presentation.  Skype and teleconferencing capabilities connect media, multiple offices or a relative who could not make it in for the big day.  High-grade audio and soundproof walls make SCREEN ideal for an intimate acoustic performance, product launch, reality television viewing party, confidential presentations or viewing family movies on the big screen.


cibo matto

Elegant and versatile, cibo matto is a serene space punctuated with a 30-foot ceiling fresco by acclaimed artist Todd Murphy and gorgeous views of State Street.  cibo matto is a perfect setting for a wedding reception, brunch, one-of-a-kind business meetings, an event or banquet requiring spectacular ambience for up to 150 guests.


Phoenix Lounge

Energized and lively, Phoenix Lounge is a sleek space with plush velvet sofas and comfortable seated areas set against a bookcase of great “wits.” A vibrant mural of a girl with a phoenix adorns the north wall while sparkling wing-shaped chandeliers float overhead.  Two-story windows showcase an unusual view over an “L” subway platform while the noise-cancelling glass keeps the atmosphere cozy.  Phoenix Lounge is ideal for gatherings of up to 40 guests.

Private Dining

There are various private dining options throughout theWit, including Hangover on ROOF, the cibo matto Primo and Private Dining Room for up to 60 guests.  Our team can recommend the perfect space for a wine tasting, rehearsal dinner, anniversary with family or celebratory brunch.


The meeting rooms at theWit are appropriately named after some of the great “wits” of our time, people who could turn complex thoughts into simple phrases with a touch of humor including Oscar Wilde, Abraham Lincoln and Emily Dickinson.  The rooms feature 16-foot, floor-to-ceiling glass windows with the latest build-in technology, audiovisual equipment, lighting and other atmospheric elements and special touches.This energy and creative spirit has attracted an array of diverse clientele including major professional sports organizations and athletes, luxury car manufacturers, top technology and pharmaceutical companies, advertising, media companies and motion picture studios. Capacity Chart